GROW – Coaching Discussion Technique

Just had a great PD on coaching. The presenter,┬áCarolyn Laughlin, introduced me to Alan Fineman’s You Already Know How to be Great. There are a few useful take-aways from the book:

  • First, true greatness is within each of us.
  • Second, the successful coach is able to help those being coached bring out three essential elements for success: Faith, Fire and Focus.
  • Third, and most practical, you can use the acronym G.R.O.W. to help guide discussions on reflective development.

The Grow Technique

G- Goals, through pointed questioning the coach can help focus and refine true goals. R- Reality, the coach acknowledges obstacles (interference) in reaching our goals. O- Opportunities – this is the problem solving section of the coaching dialogue. W- Way forward, what immediate actions need to be taken to start the goal achieving process. I would say that the most useful section for instructional leaders is to help the learner refine their goals for maximum impact and progress. Thank you to Carolyn Laughlin for presenting a practical and meaningful PD.


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